Classic reproduction of sunburst color and perfect sound!


Tribute Series


The Tribute Series is designed to replicate those milestone models in the history of acoustic guitar luthiery. Using the same tonewood material, as well as the same aesthetic design, we hope to replicate instruments from the “Golden Era”.

T05 is the second acoustic guitar product of Enya's high-end production line. It is a work that adheres to the philosophy of Quanfeng(Grand Reward) 25 years experience and tributes to the classic Gibson craftsmanship.

Solid Sitka Spruce top

It has fine and straight wood grain, tough and hard texture, strong and durable, excellent dynamic performance, bright sound, solid and powerful, and can be calmly dealt with in a variety of playing styles. It can withstand greater string tension and have a longer life.

T05 uses high quality solid Sitka spruce as the top!

Tribute to the classic acoustic structure

We use all the hand-cut bracing pattern on the T05 by experienced luthiers, and optimize them based on the acoustic structure of the traditional Jumbo body.

Maximize the potential of acoustic sound performance!

Two body shape for option!

T05 tributes to the Gibson Jumbo model. 41-inch J model (tribute to the original Gibson J45), and 38 inch B model (restore the pre-war style Gibson classic body, travel version)

Reproduce the classic sound of the acoustic guitar golden age!

Custom pickup system

The original Jumbo body has the nickname "workhorse", which refers to the guitar body shape that musicians loves & uses as stage performances. In order to make the T05 better adapt to the important scene of live performances, We made the custom dual-mode pickup system in cooperation with DOUBLE Acoustics.

No matter fingerstyle or sing / strumming, perfect fits!

Sapele back and sides

Compared with mahogany, Sapele has a relatively better high-frequency response, which can better balance the low-frequency performance brought by the large-size body. The tone of the T05 is more balanced.

Balanced and dynamic tone!

14 degree integrated neck

T05 adopts a 14-degree integrated neck design, which maximizes the transmission efficiency of the string vibration energy in the neck while improving production efficiency.

For higher sound quality and better texture!

Specification detail

We have shown the greatest sincerity under the premise of controllable cost for T05.


38 inch B model

T05B + vintage leather case + custom DOUBLE vintage dual-mode pickup +

polishing cloth + wrench + saddle for backup + certificate


41 inch J model

T05J + vintage leather case + custom DOUBLE vintage dual-mode pickup +

polishing cloth + wrench + saddle for backup + certificate