Enya's first GA body acoustic guitar


Inheritance + innovation

Enya's high-end acoustic production line fully inherited Quanfeng(Grand Reward) factory’s 25-years ingenuity craftsmanship, along with Enya’s innovative craftsmanship, opening a new era of Enya’s high-end guitar production, and bringing the first GA body guitar !

Fully technology upgraded, bringing high quality performances in quality!

Solid Sitka Spruce top

Its tough and hard texture, strong and durable, excellent dynamic performance, bright sound, solid and powerful, and can be calmly dealt with in a variety of playing styles. It can withstand greater string tension and have a longer life.

Q1M uses selected A-grade Sitka spruce top

The first GA body of Enya’s high-end production line

Since we launched the first guitar (T10) of our high-end production line in 2020, enthusiastic fans have been expecting us for launching GA body guitars. Today, Q1M is finally here. It is the first GA body guitar from Enya Quanfeng(Grand Reward)'s production line. It carries 25 years of craftsmanship and ingenuity, as well as 10 years of innovation, giving you a better choice for quality & innovative musical instruments.

Q1M, Enya’s first GA body: it's a heritage, it's a pioneering innovative model!

Enya’s second generation of bolting technology

In 2015, we innovatively launched the BT bolting technology and applied it to the flagship model products. It brought positive effects and well acceptance in the market. After 6 years of technology upgrade, We bring you the second generation of BT2 bolting technology to achieve better playability and stability.

Q1M may be the world’s first acoustic guitar with neck-body bolting technology in super economic pricing level!

Acoustic structure with a lot of effort

After years of technology upgrade and repeated innovation, Q1M is equipped with Enya's newly upgraded acoustic structure, which fully releases the acoustic potential of the Sitka top, making the overall sound more powerful, with better dynamic feedback, and a more balanced frequency Responsive, deep bass, steady midrange, sweet treble!

Bring you more quality feeling of acoustic sound performance!

Specification detail

We have shown the greatest sincerity under the premise of controllable cost for Q1M.


Acoustic model

EGA-Q1M + Thickened gig bag

+ saddle for backup + wrench + Instruction manual


EQ model

EGA-Q1M/EQ +TransAcoustic pickup + Thickened gig bag

+ saddle for backup + wrench + Instruction manual