Nova U Pro

Ukulele with Enya’s Composite Carbon Fiber 2.0 technology


Next-Gen Acoustic Carbon Fiber Composite Material

We’ve been dedicated to developing this new acoustic carbon fiber composite for the last 2 years, in collab with state-grade material labs, by re-composing the ratio of carbon fiber, making it have the tonal qualities of those vintage instruments

Higher efficiency of energy transfer, better tone

Innovative carbon fiber technology

In traditional craftsmanship, the body used to be divided into different parts for production, resulting in a large overall tone transmission loss. Through composite carbon fiber materials, we innovated the All-In-One-Piece molding , perfectly reduces the tone loss.

One-piece casting also makes the sound more natural and transparent!

Round-end fret

We upgraded the fret material to a nickel-zinc alloy, which is more durable, more resistant, and more stable. At the same time, we polished the frets into a round head shape

Greatly improves the playability!

Ergonomic arc

Nova U Pro has optimized the arc, which is more ergonomic design, simple, practical and generous.

Bringing a better visual and tactile experience

Two colors for option

At present, Nova U Pro only provides White and Black color for option, more beautiful color will be launched soon.

TransAcoustic pickup system

Cooperated with DOUBLE Acoustics, a custom-designed TransAcoustic pickup for Nova U Pro allows you to easily obtain reverb, delay, and chorus effects without connecting speakers, and activate more of your music inspiration.

Make your performance more easy and rich!

Specification detail

We have shown the greatest sincerity under the premise of controllable cost for NOVA U PRO.