Nova U

Ukulele with Enya Composite Carbon Fiber technology


Composite carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is also called "black gold". It was produced in the early 1950s in response to the needs of science and technology such as rockets, aerospace, and aviation. Nowadays, carbon fiber materials are mostly used as reinforcement materials to be added to resin, metal, ceramics and other materials to form composite carbon fiber materials. Widely used in many fields, into the aerospace, medical, sporting goods, and automotive fields.

Musical instruments have gradually become an emerging application scenario for composite carbon fiber!

Acoustic composite carbon fiber

Enya team and the Advanced Science Laboratory dedicated working for 2 years to develop a specially-tuned carbon fiber material reinforcement ratio, making the composite carbon fiber vibrate like an classic all solid instrument played for many years.

Vibration energy conduction loss is lower, resonance is more powerful !

Revolutionary carbon fiber technology

In traditional craftsmanship, the body used to be divided into different parts for production, resulting in a large overall tone transmission loss. Through composite carbon fiber materials, we innovated the All-In-One-Piece molding , perfectly reduces the tone loss.

One-piece casting also makes the sound more natural and transparent!

Data-driven playability

Over the past 8 years, Enya has insisted on innovation and obtained a number of utility model patents. It has gained a lot from the optimization of various parameters of the playability. Enya engineers have redesigned it based on user big data in the past 8 years.

Making NOVA U's playability perfect smooth & comfortable!

Available in multiple colors

Nova U can be equipped with multiple colors. Different colors bring different moods and different inspirations. Currently, the available colors are:

Space black, China red, Coral orange, Cherry blossom pink, Sky blue, Elegant white

TransAcoustic pickup system

Cooperated with DOUBLE Acoustics, a custom-designed TransAcoustic pickup for Nova U allows you to easily obtain reverb, delay, and chorus effects without connecting speakers, and activate more of your music inspiration.

Make your performance more easy and rich!

Specification detail

We have shown the greatest sincerity under the premise of controllable cost for NOVA U.


23 inch acoustic model

Nova U + EVA case + capo + carbon strings +

Color gift box


23 inch EQ model

23 inch EQ model

Nova U + DOUBLE Custom TransAcoustic Pickup + EVA Case + Capo +

Carbon strings + color gift box


21 inch acoustic model

Nova U Mini + EVA case + capo + carbon strings +

Color gift box