Nova Go

The Smart Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar


Nova Go

The Smart Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar


Nova Go is probably the first smart carbon fiber guitar that integrates streaming audio interface, effects processing, as well as Bluetooth controlling functionalities.

History-breaking D1 chip and ES1 intelligent sound system

Enya's newly developed D1 DSP smart audio chip is equipped with ES1 audio processing system, which enables NOVA GO to have variety sound effects, live streaming sound card, Bluetooth music playback and many other expandable functions at the same time.

Nova Go opens a new intelligence era of acoustic guitar.

Easily switch among 4 effects with one button!

Clear sound, strumming, Solo, fingerstyle, different styles sound tone meeting your daily practice and stage performance, each sound effect can be connected to our newly developed Enya music APP platform via Bluetooth, easy remote control / edit / create your unique sound!

Bringing unlimited inspiration for your music learning and creation !

High-quality Inner Bluetooth speaker !

NOVA GO is equipped with a super TransAcoustic pickup system. It can make your guitar comes with different sound effects like reverb, delay, chorus… acoustically, and with connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, Nova Go can become a Bluetooth audio player, you can play music / drum machine / back track from its inner speaker.

Play music / drum machine / back track from its inner speaker & Jam with it !

Built-in smart sound card

In the era of new video media, live streaming and audio recording have become the daily works of each music influencer in all social platforms. NOVA GO is world's first smart guitar with its own smart sound card that can process guitar and vocals at the same time.

Share your music idea anytime & anywhere!

Connect to Enya Music APP

Enya Music App is an intelligent and innovative music software specially created for NOVA GO. It supports downloads from App store and Android app store. It can be connected with NOVA GO intelligently, and has a large number of music TABS, practical music composing tools, music information and other expandable functions, satisfying various needs in playing guitars and music!

IOS:App Store

Android: Xiaomi App Store, Oppo App Store, Vivo App Store, Tencent App Store

By searching for "Enya Music" in the above stores

5 hours operating life with a single full charging

ES1 is equipped with a 3400mA high-capacity 18650 battery, which can be used for 5 hours on a single full charging. At the same time, ES1 also has the function of sound expansion. After connecting to the IOS device through the built-in audio interface, you will have rich & expandable effects sources on the APP Store.

Providing more possibilities for your music!

New acoustic carbon fiber material

With a breakthrough in new material technology, NOVA GO equipped with developed acoustic carbon fiber material, which makes it super light, convenient, and with a crisp loud high performance sound. The application of carbon fiber makes NOVA GO much more stable in quality consistency than wooden musical instruments.

Light weighted and convenient!

With advanced acoustic carbon fiber technology, the NOVA GO is only 33 inches in length, 88mm at its thickest point, and the weight is 1.8 KG. it is the lightest acoustic guitar that Enya has ever designed.

88mm, 33 inches, 1.8 kg

Small Nova Go, Big Power !

Large-curved top + bow-shaped back, All-In-One-Piece acoustic structure design makes the sound performance of NOVA GO outstanding & unique !

A unique acoustic playing experience !

Super smooth playability !

NOVA GO uses the same slim neck design, smooth feeling & playability as an electric guitar, its round-end fret and Zero-Fret design enable super comfortable playability!

Easy and extraordinary performance experience

Ultra-thin, light, sleek, cool and handsome electric guitar shape, perfect suitable for children, traveling, and stage performance, bringing you an easy and extraordinary experience of playing.

Perfect suitable for children, traveling, and stage performance!

Exclusive EVA case

We specially designed an exclusive EVA leather case, which can be closely fitted with NOVA GO. At the same time, the strap of the case can be used as the strap of NOVA GO.

Convenient and providing your Nova Go with the most appropriate protection

Available in multiple colors!

Ultra-thin, lightweight and sleek Nova Go is optional with 6 regular colors: White, Space Black, Blue, Dream Purple, Cherry Blossom Pink, China Red (Red color with Chinese character - Made in China)

Different colors, just for the extraordinary you

Sparking Blink model !

In addition to the above 6 regular colors, we provide 3 special color for option: Blink Blue, Blink Silver, and Blink Pink. We hope to convey a positive and optimistic attitude towards life through these three unique color combinations: To be Sparking in your life!

Hope Nova Go can activate your most potential positive energy to be sparking in your life.

Specification detail

High performance with most cost effective pricing


Standard Model

Nova Go + EVA case + strap + color packing carton + live streaming headset + charging cable +Speaker cable + audio extension cable + polishing cloth + manual


Sparking Blink Model

Nova Go + EVA case + strap + color packing carton + live streaming headset + charging cable +Speaker cable + audio extension cable + polishing cloth + manual