ENYA Smart Audio Guitar, open the future of guitar & music !



ENYA Smart Audio Guitar


NEXG is a game-changer. The carbon fiber & silence acoustic design, alongside a 50w speaker, smart FXs, a built-in audio interface, a wireless mic., and a dedicated app for music education, creating, and recreation, make NEXG more than just a guitar, but also a HiFi Speaker, a home-KTV set, a productive tool, a guitar teacher. It's there to do so much more.

Epic design, making NEXG unique!

36 inches, silent and detachable structure design, the whole body is made of acoustic carbon fiber, NEXG’s groundbreaking anti-howling suspension sound cavity, built-in customized ultra-light 50W Aluminum Magnetic HiFi speaker, making it the world's first 3KG weight portable guitar integrated with high-power audio, you can enjoy playing and fun of music anytime, anywhere!

Perfect for silent practicing, listening to songs, singing, holding small concerts and performances.

Audiophile sound quality!

NEXG uses a 30W woofer and two 10W tweeters with high fidelity and dynamic range HiFi speakers, cooperated with top international audio brand, plus ENYA unique designed sound cavity structure and digital audio system, making the treble transparent and bright, and the bass powerful, audiophile sound quality experience!

Powerful and rich sound effects

Equipped with Enya D2 chip, with dozens of sets of audio algorithms and IR technology independently developed by us, your guitar has various sound effects adjustments such as EQ, reverb, delay, flanger, wah, chorus, distortion, overload…. It can also handle vocals and back tracks at the same time.

Meet your various needs for performances, live stream, music composing and creations anytime, anywhere.

DIY your own unique sounds!

NEXG comes with an OLED screen, one button to get 5 preset sound effects switching and volume adjustment, the other two buttons to easily control the tuning function, eliminate the vocal track in the music, Bluetooth, switching between performance mode and music mode.

Play as you like, create as you can imagine.

Wireless control making more possibilities!

NEXG is also equipped with a dual-mode Bluetooth chip. You can use audio Bluetooth to play music or drum machines and music accompaniment. You can also connect another Bluetooth module to the Enya Music APP Control function to easily adjust the sound ratio and effects, freely DIY you own unique sounds and switch / storage among your DIY sounds.

Infinite intelligent control, infinite possibilities!

A powerful tool for musicians!

NEXG is a smart guitar with its own sound card that can process guitar and vocals at the same time, allowing you to live streaming or line-in recording anytime, anywhere, and easily share your music ideas and inspirations with your friends.

NEXG is really helpful for music composing and inspiring your music creation!

Enya Music App, 24hrs on your service!

Enya Music App stores in multiple formats of TABS including professional accompaniment, teaching, pictures, and text, Enya Music App can be your private band and music teacher 24 hours a day!

Leading in the industry! Enya's super music TABS, is your private band and music teacher.

Brand new music world here!

Connect with Enya Music App’s new drum machine, Loop, recording, music composing & creating functions and many other tools for playing guitars & enjoying music!

Leading you to a brand new music world!

Top-level ear monitor, surfing in your music world!

Silent structure along with Enya concert-level professional monitor headphones, enable you keep practicing anytime and anywhere, without disturbing others!

Surfing in your own music world!

Portable KTV !

NEXG comes with a high quality level wireless microphone, you can activate the KTV mode, with the unique Vocal Eliminating function for most of the songs, and sing anytime, anywhere!

Go singing with NexG!

NEXG is an art work!

Equipped with future space look wireless charging stand, perfectly matching your NexG.

Most fashionable and modern shape and design making your home with high level taste.

Super power supply!

NEXG is equipped with large-capacity battery, which allows you to:

High-power performance: more than 5 hours; battery capacity: 43.68Wh/10400mA; 30W fast charge: 2 hours to full

Your sharp weapon for street performance whole night !

App audio expansion interface!

NEXG also has the function of audio expansion. After linking the mobile phone through the audio interface, you will have a variety of rich sound effects and tool ecology on the IOS system.

More than your expectation!

Every accessory is unique!

NEXG comes with exclusive accessories:

Luxurious leather case, professional concert-level monitor headphones, live streaming / line-in recording / App expansion audio cable, 30w fast charger / data upgrade cable, dual-use leather strap for NEXG and its leather case.

NEXG meets all your needs !

Colorful NEXG !

NEXG provides 4 colors for option: black, white, blue, pink.

Making your music world & life colorful!

Specification detail!

In the specification of NEXG, we have shown our greatest sincerity under the premise of controllable cost


NEXG + leather case + Enya wireless microphone ¥399 + 30W fast charger +

Enya monitor headphone ¥599 + live streaming / line-in recording / App expansion audio cable +

Charging / data upgrade cable