A sea of flowers under the moonlight, a masterpiece of art


All solid flame maple All-In-One-Piece molding

The neck and the back / sides are made all in one piece of high-grade attaching solid flame maple, CNC precise processing with clear and gorgeous texture. The resonance transmission is superior. The thin and light body design is combined with the newly developed TransAcoustic pickup.

Fantastic experience of visual and auditory.

Sea of flowers under the moon, pearl shell inlay

The matching inlay of ebony and Australian pearl oyster will create a sea of flowers under the moonlight for you again. Radian fingerboard, perfect playability calculated by mass data analysis, Enya engineers calculated according to the amount of string and panel vibration film, and designed a 2.3mm precision string feel

Just to give you the ultimate playing experience!

CNC headstock

The elite CNC cutting headstock is embedded in the top quality ebony with luxurious inlay, custom red agate gold 1:18 head machine ensuring constant stable sound performance.

Perfect visual and auditory experience.

Hi Glossy finish

Thin, clear and bright gloss finish is exquisite. Why is Enya hi gloss finish looks brighter, more transparent and smoother? because our bright light is repeated spraying and grinding after 18 days and 26 times.

Make the whole body feel more comfortable, stable and durable

Cabinet acoustic model

The powerful cabinet acoustic model under modern industrial technology has both a thick and loud sound, and a thin and lightweight body. We use new technology with high quality solid flame maple, after thickness adjustment and reverb arc optimization, to match the new sound hole and bracing pattern design.

Make the sound more transparent, louder and more dynamic!

Custom TransAcoustic Pickup

E6 selects the exclusive customized TransAcoustic pickup system, developed by DOUBLE Acoustics, which is perfect small and thin in size, allowing you to obtain chorus, delay, and reverb effects without any external devices. The sound is sweet, clear, and dynamic.

Make your performance more easy and smooth!

Available in multiple colors

Currently E6 offers three color for selection:cherry blossom pink, bright night black, ocean blue.

Provide more choices for your color needs

Specification detail

We have shown the greatest sincerity under the premise of controllable cost of E6


26 inch all-in-one molding ultra-thin body with TransAcoustic Pickupsystem

E6 + customized gig bag + capo + customized strings +

Pick + polishing cloth + audio cable + strap +

wrench + sand hammer