Enya Music App

Everyone is a musician!


Everyone is a musician!

Enya Music App aims to provide you with a practical and intelligent solution for music learning, music performance and music creation, so that everyone can fully enjoy the fun of music.

Let everyone become a musician!

Rich sources of Tabs

According to your music learning goals from entry level, advanced, singing, fingerstyle, etc., we provide a large number of music Tabs with both ukulele and guitar, and all the Tabs with speed adjustment and multiple audio tracks playback functions, so that you can follow the Tabs and mute or solo one certain track in your daily practice!

Make your music learning more convenient.

Useful music tools

We provide you with a free high-precision tuning function and a professional metronome in the App, the two most commonly used tools in the music learning process, which will make your music learning and performance more convenient.

Let your music learning and playing more efficiently.

Connect your Nova Go with Bluetooth!

One of the core functions of Enya Music APP is the intelligent and innovative music software specially created for NOVA GO. It connects to your Nova Go device via Bluetooth, enable the effect adjustment with the built-in TransAcoustic pickup system, you can unlocks more practical functions by its expandable cable connect to 3rd party effects pedal app.

Bring more possibilities for your performance!

Smart control mode

You can intelligently switch between guitar mode and microphone mode through the App, adapting to your differentiated needs in multiple performance scenarios, one mobile phone and one Nova Go, creating your colorful music world!

Three effects are available !

The TransAcoustic effects of Nova Go can be accurately adjusted through the Enya Music App. Compression, reverb, and delay are built-in with default sound, you can easily use and shift with these default sounds effects.

Activate your inspiration of music!

Download now!

Enya Music App is currently launched in major app stores: Apple App Store, Xiaomi App Store, Vivo App Store, Oppo App Store, Tencent App Store, and more app stores.

Please search for "Enya Music" in the App market of your mobile phone and start downloading