ENYA MUSIC is an innovative technology music company, integrating product development, manufacturing, operation and brand building in various music fields, such as musical instruments, smart audio, music culture, and music education. Its main business is Enya Musical instruments, Enya music innovation, Enya music culture and education.

Enya International Musical Instruments

Major in researching, developing, manufacturing and managing sales of traditional ukuleles, acoustic guitars, piano and other musical instruments;

Enya Music Innovation

Major with the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of smart musical instruments and smart audio products.

Enya Music Culture and Education

Major in music culture & creation, music education development and operation, and music culture promotion.

Become the most favorite music brand in global music lovers !


Enya Music currently operates five major brands: Enya, Kaka, Enya Innovation, Enya University MusicProject, and Enya Music Charity. The company adheres to the innovative business philosophy of "technology drives progress, technology changes the world" and is committed to reconstructing through innovative technologies. We constantly working in rebuilding the relationship between people and music,  and continuously invested in innovation and research and development since the company was founded. Currently, it has achieved industry-leading technological innovations in various fields such as new material technology for musical instruments, digital and smart AI musical instruments manufacturing, music recognition audio algorithm technology, and MIDI audio technology. As a result, Enya ukulele and acoustic guitars are popular in more than 40 countries around the world, and the sales of major e-commerce platforms around the world have maintained industry leading position. At the same time, Enya also dedicatedly working in the new material musical instrument,  smart musical instrument, smart audio, and smart music education categories.

  • 2011

    Enya Musical Instruments was established and began to produce the first ukulele and acoustic guitar

  • 2012

    ENYA and KAKA brands were successfully registered, mass production of ukuleles and acoustic guitars began

  • 2013

    ENYA high-end Ukulele production line was established, successfully launched the classic K series, MG6, M series, etc.

  • 2014

    ENYA’s KAKA 25D solid top and MAD all solid models were successfully reached the top of Tmall’s best-selling board.. In the same year, Enya Music joined a number of celebrities and musicians with national –wide ukulele tours.

  • 2015

    Enya's 20,000-square-meter dream factory was officially put into production and started CNC precision manufacturing. In the same year, it combined with multinational technical experts to develop more than ten national invention patents, including transparent polymer strings, BT bolting technology, and new applications of HPL new material for musical instruments.

  • 2016

    Enya X1 Ukulele launched and got the world's No. 1 sales of new material Ukulele, signed with the Malaysian goddess singer Joyce Chu as Enya musical instrument representative, and successfully launched the A series and S High-end Ukulele series

  • 2017

    Cooperated with the AI ??Conservatory of Music in AI technological innovation, the Smart 1.0 interactive learning technology was released to redefine the learning of music, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of musical instruments. In June of the same year, Enya X1 guitar was released, and achieved the No. 1 sales volume of new material acoustic guitars in China, and started a global brand strategy, and launched the Minion Smart Ukulele with cooperation of Universal Pictures from the United States.

  • 2018

    Enya successfully released X2, X3 and other new material acoustic guitars combine art and technology, and became a national high-tech enterprise. In the same year, it won both ukulele and acoustic guitar sales No.1 in China’s biggest e-commerce platform TMALL in the Double 11 online shopping festival .

  • 2019

    Established Enya North America branch, comprehensively upgraded Enya's global strategic plan, held the "Explore. New Future" global new product launch conference in the same year, and launched NOVA and X4 brand new carbon fiber series products. Enya has accumulated more than 70 patents and Enya Music brand image covering more than 40 Countries worldwide.

  • 2020

    Enya wholly acquired the production line of Taiwan’s Quanfeng (Grand Reward / Farida) acoustic production line, which has over 25 years of experience in making high quality guitars and ukuleles. Enya started more investment in the R&D and manufacturing of top quality level acoustic guitars, and developed rapidly. In the same year, it further expanded the R&D team and established brand-new hardware team, as well as the technical team and the software technology center of the Guangzhou branch, combined with the needs of the global user service center in North America, creating more popular & inspiring products for music lovers around the world.

  • 2021

    Enya released the most important 10th anniversary product, inherit traditional manufacturing, explore future technology, launched smart 2.0, musical instrument digitalization and other major projects, and spent tens of millions to establish a strategic control center to develop music for public welfare and college music. Plans, star plans, etc.

  • Enya Music Worldwide Record

    Ukulele No.1 worldwide market share

    New material ukulele & guitar sales No.1 in the world

    Sales Volume in ukuleles & guitars Amazon USA No.3, Amazon Japan No.2, Amazon European countries Top5

    China’s biggest E-commerce platform Tmall and JD, No.1 both in Ukulele and guitar

    Acoustic guitar sales volume market share Top 3 in China

  • One of the best loved musical instrument brands in social platforms!

    Nova U become the most loved ukulele in Facebook and Instagram.

  • Leading in the industry & AI musical instruments history

    Nova Go become 1st AI smart carbon fiber guitar with built-in sound card, effects pedal & lots of expandable functions, leading in the industry.

  • Mature & systematic sales network

    More than 3000+ distributing & dealing channels in China

    More than 40 countries oversea partners

  • National High Tech Enterprise

    National New Material Contest qualify company

    Leading guitar / ukulele manufacturer in China

    More than 160 patents & unique technologies

  • Media resources

    Super star / Celebrities more than 20+ Jay Chou, Grace Chow, William Wei…etc.

    Worldwide cooperated celebrities and musicians more than 200+

    KOL in multiple platforms more than 100+

  • Enya Park China Headquarters

    Marketing operation center, brand design center, Enya new materials and high-end ukulele R&D center.

    production capacity is 14,000 pcs/month

  • Kaka Ukulele Dream Plant

    Enya entry level Kaka sub-brand;

    Capacity 12,000 pcs/month

  • Enya Guitar Dream Plant

    Enya high-end guitar production line (Farida Quanfeng / Grand Reward Factory, acquired by Enya in 2020); dust-free mute system + constant temperature and humidity + 15 years of natural air-drying wood material, production capacity of 6000 pieces/month

  • In the past ten years

    With the love of music and the awe of musical instrument manufacturing, we have built a mature and leading guitar/ukulele manufacturing factory, with advanced digital and precise ukulele/guitar manufacturing technology and leading new material technology, we constantly researching in the leading intelligent musical instrument interactive learning technology & had breakthrough in intelligent audio technology.

  • The new decade

    We will use innovative technology to reconstruct the way of interaction between music and people as our mission, and our vision to be the most favorite music brand of global music lovers, and strive to be a great Chinese creative and innovative music brand.

  • Ten years before and after

    Talent manpower and team work is still Enya’s most important consisting part. Enya will do its best to build a platform that is most loved by music lovers, engineers, and designers, where you can find a sense of family and the real right place you will devote your whole energy working and growing with. Welcome all Friends who love the music join us in the challenging music journey!

Enya Music

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