VIP Custom, high-end fingerstyle, art work of musical instruments


Hawaii KOA

Hawaii imported 10 years air-dried 5A grade KOA. The texture is super fine, clear and gorgeous, the acoustic quality is also superior, the tone is transparent, and the dynamics are full and rich.

Ultimate visual and auditory experience!

Gorgeous green shell inlay

The head and maple fingerboard are inlaid with a custom green shell pattern, which demonstrates the unique craftsmanship. Each A8 is carefully polished by the craftsman in every detail.

Pass on the life attitude from the craftsmen to the users.

Slim, clear and shiny finish

Nitro lacquer, the finish used most by hand-made guitar craftsmen, is soft and thin, without wood vibration interference. After 18 days of repeated spraying, 26 times of repeated grinding

Achieve a more translucent and smooth effect of the finish

BT black sand mahogany neck

ENYA's patented BT bolting technology makes the ukulele neck flatter and straighter, and easily achieves <2.5mm action height in 12nd fret. Free your playability!

The whole neck with perfect playability & feel more straight and comfortable, stable and durable!

TUSQ nut&saddle

The TUSQ nut&saddle has a penetrating, high-definition sound quality. Enya’s unique penetrating saddle design, makes the strings force on the top board, which is more stable. When the strings are strummed, the vibration reaches the top directly with perfect resonance.

Reduce vibration loss, more conductive to sound!

A2U pickup system

A8 uses the A2U pickup developed by DOUBLE Acoustics. Many years after the launch of A2U, it has still been well received by the majority of musicians. The sound is sweet, clear and dynamic.

Make your performance perfect!

Custom shop

The pattern and design of A8 is available for users to customize according to their personal preferences. At present, we provide several customized solutions: mermaid, bird flower, peach banana, cherry blossom.

Contact our customer service to confirm the details of your A8 customized solution.

Specification detail

We have shown the greatest sincerity under the premise of controllable cost for A8.


26 inch custom model

A8 + customized case + capo + customized strings +

Pick + polishing cloth + audio cable + strap +

wrench + sand hammer